Acceptance: My time at Highlands High School


Freshman Mikalah Morgan

     Acceptance is something that everyone craves, something everyone deserves. In my short time at Highlands High School, I have been shown the true meaning of acceptance.

     When my family first told me we would be moving, I was terrified. However, after all of the support I’ve received from HHS, my fears and anxiousness have been calmed down. Everyone I’ve met in these last few months has been so inclusive and caring. They didn’t care if my brothers and I were new students, because we were part of the HHS community now. They talked to us as if we’d been here for years. Unknowingly, my peers at HHS have alleviated a lot of pressure.

     I thought being a new student would be one of the scariest things I would have to endure in my life. Fortunately, I was wrong. Being a new student has been one of the best experiences ever. It forced me to come out of my shell. This year has shown what true kindness means. Never in a million years did I think strangers would make me feel so accepted. 

     Not only have my peers made me feel accepted, but they have also made me feel included. 

     The first time my peers met my brothers and me, they introduced themselves with smiles on their faces. That might seem like nothing, but to me, it meant a lot. In the past, I’ve had a hard time introducing myself to new people. I still do. In fact, I have a hard time speaking to new people in general, which is why my peers going out of their way to introduce themselves meant so much to me. That small act is something that I will remember and hold with me for a very long time.

     One person who really helped me break out of my shell and start to participate in the group discussions was sophomore Amelia Lohner. When I first saw her, I admired her ability to speak and participate in the class. Speaking has never been one of my strong suits, so I knew if I made a friend like her, I’d be able to break out of my shell. 

     One thing she has taught me is that talking to new people and making new friends is always a good thing. She also taught me that sometimes making an effort to talk to people can leave you with some of the greatest relationships.

     If the few months that I’ve been at Highlands High School is a preview for what is to come, I cannot wait for the future.