Middletown Review


Lexie Crawford

The tour guide (sophomore Katie Buschle) shows tourists (sophomore Grace Shuley and freshman Jameson Zoeller) around Middletown.

     Highlands High School is performing Middletown by Will Eno, opening November 5 and closing November 8. At the beginning of the show, Director Jason Burgess introduces the production, alongside cast member Sophia Veshapidze, sophomore, giving the prologue of the show. The viewer is able to connect to the show, as the characters are just normal, everyday human beings. However, it brings a darker tone onto the stage, talking about things such as suicide.

     The plot of this production is very straight forward. A young lady by the name of Mary Swanson (senior Zoe Zoller) has just moved into town and is trying for a child with her husband. After going to the library, she meets John Dodge (sophomore Connor Defevers), a normal, lonely guy. They become friends after a few interactions. The play focuses on interactions among several other characters in town and how their bonds form. 

     The actors pulled off an amazing performance, with an amazing director! The casting of the characters fit perfectly, and everyone played their role appropriately. My personal favorite character was the Mechanic (senior Hank Slaby), an alcoholic and the comical relief in a more serious story. He told his somewhat sad story in a funny and relatable way, drawing the audience in. 

     The design of the props was really good, you could definitely tell what they were supposed to represent. The Prop Designers (juniors Natalie Horton and Rebecca Wright) did an amazing job. Head makeup designer (junior Anne Perkins) did a remarkable job as well with aging the cast, you could estimate the age pretty accurately. The Librarian (junior Alix Tibbs) looked like a 50-year-old woman! 

     I would definitely recommend you to see this show if you haven’t yet. The show was super touching and relatable. Make sure you see Middletown before it closes on November 8.