Disappointment spikes with delay of Homecoming, but FCCLA works to keep spirit up


Students dance at the 2019 Homecoming.

     Colorful corsages, flowing dresses, smiling pictures, and a night of fun — the typical homecoming evening. 

     Everyone was looking forward to the homecoming 2020 would bring, but then COVID-19 hit, which changed everything. 

     Though the pandemic limited big groups of people, the members of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) chapter at Highlands wanted to keep the homecoming traditions of Spirit Week, Homecoming Court, and the Homecoming game.

     Ahren Wagner, FCCLA adviser, spoke about what was planned this year. “The Homecoming dance is postponed, but we are planning something to recognize it,” she said. “We’re trying everything we can to make our Birds comfortable and safe.”

     Trying to help the students stay safe is difficult, though, and with so many rules set in place, many students are disappointed that events like Homecoming are being postponed.  

      Senior Paige Ossege, who is on the Homecoming Court, was looking forward to Homecoming and shares the disappointment of many of her peers. “I’m excited to be on Homecoming Court and I’m hoping we can have a dance for my senior year,” she said. 

      In addition to keeping the Homecoming traditions, FCCLA is trying to come up with a possible plan for a future Homecoming.

     Freshman Sofia Shar, a member of FCCLA, gave some insight. “We’re not 100% sure what the plans are for the dance anymore, but we’re trying to work towards a dance in the future.”

      Sophomore Cassidy Tackett, another member of FCCLA, added onto this, saying, “Based on whether or not COVID-19 has gotten any better, we’ll go from there. For now, we’re supporting our Bluebirds and keeping them safe.”

      With Homecoming delayed until further notice, students expressed their thoughts, plans, and what they were excited about. 

     Senior Addie Bracken told her plans for the upcoming Homecoming game and possible dance, “I’m looking forward to hopefully going to the dance and having fun with my friends one last time. For now, I’m glad we got to do spirit week and I’m looking forward to the game.”

     Although the Homecoming dance is delayed, FCCLA has worked diligently to keep the Birds’ spirits high and make sure the school year is still fun. Here’s hoping for a dance in the future!