My experience with COVID-19


Lexie Crawford

Freshman Emma Healey wrote about her first-hand experience with COVID-19.

     COVID-19: something I selfishly joked about and never thought would happen to me. It started out as something that didn’t really have anything to do with me. It now takes away people’s lives and their loved ones. I never thought at this time last year my life would be like this. Can’t leave the house without a mask, carrying hand sanitizer everywhere, and can’t hug my loved ones. 

      I’m Emma and this is how COVID-19 has affected my life.

      My mother is a hard worker. She goes to work, comes home, cooks and cleans, all as a single parent taking care of three kids. She is high risk and was always very scared of getting COVID-19. We didn’t really know what would happen if she did ever get it. The small fear in the back of my head would jump out each and every time I saw her leave the house. The fear of my mom getting it, and not knowing what to do. 

     It all happened so quickly. 

     My mother and I were sitting on the couch talking about how she had lost her sense of smell and taste. Hearing about this, I got very anxious and told her that she should probably get tested for COVID-19. The next morning, she dropped us off at school and told me that her symptoms had gotten worse. The fear crept back into my head as I raised a face mask to cover my mouth and nose.  When I got back from school, my worry increased when she wasn’t home yet. I checked my phone just to see she hadn’t called or texted. I figured she’d picked up an extra shift or she had gone to the grocery store. When I heard the keys jingle in my front door and looked up to see my mother, my worry melted away. But for some reason, she seemed very distraught. 

     That’s when she told me. She had tested positive for COVID-19. 

     Many negative thoughts ran through my head in that instant. I never expected this to happen to me. It was so selfish of me to think my family was just immune or just was not going to get it.

      Days and days of my mom resting on the couch and brothers staying safe in their room passed. It was up to me to help. As the oldest sibling, I knew it was my responsibility. 

     Every day, I wiped down doorknobs, handles, and cabinets. I wore a mask 24/7, despite being in my own home. Every day was the same repetitive thing. Over and over again. I tried to stay positive, but this new “normal” was hard to deal with. I felt lost. 

     Over time, my mom’s symptoms settled down. She is finally allowed out of quarantine and my brothers and I are finally allowed to return to school. I will never take my life or family’s lives for granted again. Being affected by COVID-19  can happen to anyone. You, your mom, your dad, your grandma, anyone. This experience has taught me the importance of wearing a mask and social-distancing. COVID-19 is not a joke.