BREAKING NEWS: FTIS School Board votes to return to in-person instruction September 17


The Fort Thomas Independent Schools Special Board Meeting on September 2, 2020. Image courtesy of HHSFilmAndBroadcast.

At the Special Board Meeting on September 2, the Fort Thomas Independent Schools (FTIS) School Board voted unanimously to return to in-person instruction on Thursday, September 17.

They believe it is important to bring students back for their mental health, social-emotional development, student safely, and more.

Freshman Laryah Jones, anxious to experience her freshman year in-person, said, “I am so excited to go back on the 17th. I’m sad I could not have a first day of my freshman year, but I am happy to at least go back and experience the memories of my first year in high school.”

FTIS has been in close contact with the Kentucky Department of Education, the Department of Public Health, the Northern Kentucky Health Department, Labs, and St. Elizabeth in order to make sure they’re taking the correct precautions to reopen.

Dr. Karen Cheser, superintendent, shared that each school in the district has come up with elaborate plans and have completely transformed their spaces to ensure they’re meeting Healthy at School guidelines.

While students remain worried about the COVID-19 pandemic, they are excited to return to school on the 17th.

The link to the Special Board Meeting can be found here, on the HHSFilmAndBroadcast YouTube page.