Voices from home: Reactions to the extension of NTI

Freshman Isabelle Brooker

“I was kind of expecting it to happen. It doesn’t really affect me too much; I just like that I have more time to get work done. But I feel really bad that the seniors don’t get to graduate with their class and don’t get a prom.”

Freshman Erin Paolucci

“Honestly, I am sad that we aren’t going to have a last month of school. The last month of school is always known as the best month of school because that’s when all of our hard work from the school year pays off. I especially feel sorry for the seniors who aren’t going to be able to have a prom, graduation, or have a last moment of high school.”


Sophomore Alix Tibbs

“I just lost all motivation to do schoolwork.”

Sophomore Henry McIntosh

“It’s not ideal for kids who depend on a specific schooling environment, but it had to be done.”


Junior Ava Rosenstiel

“I like that at least we know for sure now. It’s annoying, but at least we know what to do now.”

Junior Erin Barker

 “I’m really stressed and depressed because even though it’s only junior year, I will never get to wear my senior shirt on the last day of school or get to tie-dye shirts for chemistry class and wear them. It’s just sad.”


Senior Reagan Lindeman

“This really sucks for me and all of my classmates. We don’t get a prom, senior picnic, spirit week, and just an end to what we have been working for for 13 years. We all know it’s for the best, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. Senior year is really the only year of school where we unify as laid back and just trying to have fun. And I don’t get to have any of that anymore. So really, it just sucks.”

Senior Adele Ross

“I’m less upset about losing senior year than I thought I would be, but I really miss everyone–even people I barely even know–and it’s awful to think that I might never see them again. I miss my friends and online school is frustrating. I’m sad about Prom and my final Winter Guard season being canceled, but all I can do is try and move forward.”

Senior Eylie Lorenz

“It is such a terrible end to what could have (and should have) been the best year of high school.”