Voices from home: How are you preventing cabin fever?


Senior Cameron Riley

“I have been cooking and baking to distract myself, so I don’t get cabin fever.”




Senior Jessica Kreeger

“In order to avoid getting cabin fever, I’ve been going outside and playing with my dogs.”



Junior Gannon Ehrman 

“The main thing I do is make sure I keep in touch with all of my friends. I still am able to talk with them easily and even do activities like games [once] everyone has finished [their] work. It also helps to do your work early so there is nothing to be stressed about for the rest of the day.”


Junior LiYe Whalen

“I’ve cleaned out my entire closet and dresser, binge watched Netflix, snapped and FaceTimed a lot of people, and I’ve also ordered carry out from local businesses to help them have some business.”




Sophomore Nicole Ossege

“I have been coloring in order to get away from excessive screen time and electronics. Coloring helps with my boredom and also is very relaxing!”



Sophomore Hailey Barton

“I am hanging out with friends over video chat and I am doing activities with my younger sisters [since] my parents still work all day. I also go on walks later in the day while listening to music.”



Freshman Bianca Hemsath

“Well, to keep myself from getting bored I’ve been working on a 1,000 piece puzzle with my family over the last couple of days. Also, we are having a Marvel Cinematic Universe Marathon which is where we watch all of the Marvel movies,  TV shows, and one-shots in chronological order by [the] year they were set in.”