Voices From Home: How is your first day of NTI going?


Freshman Lela Grillot

“[I’m] feeling pretty cozy, actually. I have my setup and I’m already halfway done with stuff, but I’ll probably hate it by Friday. [I’m] about to eat lunch 38 minutes before I’m supposed to!”



Freshman Bellamy Martin

“It just feels so weird to be home. It’s like all of this is just a bunch of HW that I procrastinated on and now have to do. And this is going to be the next two weeks! I can already feel my sanity slipping.”




Sophomore Sam Contreras

“It’s going wonderfully. My time management is improved and I feel on top of my workload.”





Sophomore Annie Perkins

“So far, I like it! I have the freedom to wake up later and I can work at my own pace.”






Junior Edrin Ahfeld

“It’s great because I am getting a lot of things done so far. It’s much easier since I don’t have to walk from class to class.”






Junior Devlin Cassidy

“My NTI day is going well. It feels a little odd because I’m not in a classroom environment. As time goes on, I will get used to it. So far so good.”






Senior Jay Johnson

“[Working] from home gives me more time to work on stuff, however it’s more stressful.”