Voices in the Hall: Non-Traditional Instruction Days




Junior Sydney Schenk

“It was pretty frustrating because we worked really hard on our star events and we practiced a lot. But I guess it’s okay since we’re not going to get sick and it’s for our health.”









Junior Megan Studer

“Since Tower Park just closed, I won’t be able to practice or anything and half of the season is sort of over. The two weeks, if it extends, that could be a problem. But if it gets any longer than I would be worried about AP tests coming up.”








Sophomore Kate Lamothe

“I think it is crazy how fast we went from just learning about it to school being shut down.”








Freshman Avery Emmerich
“I’m kind of upset that it affected the school because I can’t see any friends for a while.”










Freshman Caleb Hollingsworth

“In my opinion, I think that the Corona-virus is a little bit overblown up because of a lot of stuff like the flu has killed just as many people as the Corona-virus has so far and it has been around a lot longer. So I think the only reason that everyone is overreacting is because of it being so new and not knowing what to do about it.”







Senior Tori Sutkamp

“I think it’s progressively worst and its cray it’s got so much in 24 hours, and hopefully, we can find a cure and get a vaccination.”







Senior Dylan Turner

“I think it’s smart to not have everyone be together even though it’s not super deadly. it just really sucks to cancel everything and hope it doesn’t cancel prom and spring break.”








Junior Dominic Robinson

“I’m pretty sad about the baseball season kind of becoming shorter and canceling a lot of our games. Especially about tonight, we found out halfway through the day and it’s just one of those sad things that are just out of your control, and I wish that it wouldn’t happen. I guess it’s for the best.”