Q&A Recap about the Non-Traditional Instruction Days


Principal Matthew Bertasso and Senior Nick Fischer address the students during a live broadcast.

This week has been filled with questions and cultural changes within Highlands High School. To help ease students’ concerns, Principal Matthew Bertasso went on a live broadcast on March 13th during the focus period to answer pressing questions live. 

If you missed the Q&A, here is a quick recap of what was said.

What do students do if they are feeling sick on a Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) day?

Since students’ schedules are non-traditional, students are permitted to take breaks during the school day. Students are expected to complete needed work, but, depending on your teacher’s instructions, students do not need to complete the work on the scheduled time frame of any normal class period of a given traditional school day. 

Are we going to stick with the 2-week schedule? Or will it get extended?

If there happens to be an extension, we will continue the same schedule as planned. Mr. Bertasso believes that the state has approved up to 20 NTI days. If we need to extend for any circumstance, we have the room to do so. However, if the state declares the need to extend, Highlands High School will be expected to comply. 

What is the status of the baseball scrimmage against Beechwood?

It has been canceled.

What is the status of Prom?

Prom is still a month away. A lot can change over a month, as can be seen with the NCAA tournament. As of today, Prom is still on as well as Prom to Dawn. The worst-case scenario is that Prom will be postponed until further notice. If it is anyway possible for it to happen, it will happen.

What does the “dead period” mean for sports?

From what we know, coaches are allowed to communicate with their athletes. However, they cannot gather as an entire team or for one-on-one during this dead period. 

Are teachers allowed to give quizzes and tests during NTI days?

Yes. Assessments are expected to be given as usual. It is recommended to communicate with your teachers to see how these assessments will look and how you’re expected to complete them. 

What if you have an appointment or an event that will prevent you from being present in schoology for a certain amount of time?

The only time where attendance is set on a concentrated amount of time during a day is with the time-bound event. It is advised to communicate with your teacher and set up a plan to make up that lost time. This is where communication becomes extremely important.  

Is there any time-bound event slot for Early Bird classes?

Not at the moment. However, it will be scheduled later this afternoon.

Are facilities such as the track field still open to the public?

No. During the NTI days, these facilities will be closed. 

Are grading systems expected to be the same?

Yes. Highlands wants to keep as many traits of traditional school constant during these NTI days.

What is the status of the Talent Show?

It has been postponed to a later date that has not yet been confirmed.

Are students required to be on a video call during the time-bound events?

This depends on your teacher’s preference. There are other options though such as audio calls and discussion boards.