Highlands Bowling Birds strike a victory versus St. Henry


Senior Perry Daniels shoots for a split while warming up before the match

On Thursday, November 7, the HHS Bowling team competed in their first match of the season at La Ru Lanes versus St. Henry High School.

The Birds emerged successful, beating St. Henry by earning six of the seven points available. Highlands snagged the point for overall pin count, one of the two points for Baker Games (games where five bowlers bowl on the same lane) and all four of the points for regular games.

The only game that the Birds lost ended out with a score of 126 pins to 201 pins, making the overall pin count close. However, the triumphs in the regular games kept the Birds ahead.

Despite the victory by a large margin of overall points, the match’s mood was very tense as many of the games kept close scores throughout. The Birds started out with a struggle but kept their composure and were able to pull through and surge ahead, beating St. Henry.

Junior Abby Bach said, “The match went pretty well. I was really excited to be back in the match season as we all have a really good time together.”

For Highlands, eight bowlers competed as the main team, bowling the matches, while four bowlers were substitutes held on call if needed. Two of the competing bowlers were Senior Gunner Gabbard and Bach. Both of these athletes bowled a game of over 234, a substantial achievement for so early in the season.

Head Coach and art teacher Andrew Eckerle says, “I think the team will do extremely well. Our goal is to win the region and state.”

The season will definitely be competitive for the Birds as with six seniors and many returning bowlers the Birds are going to be bowling at the top of their game.

The Birds compete next at Super Bowl Erlanger on Tuesday, November 12 versus Covington Catholic.