Cohen’s testimony exposes President Trump


Yana Paskova

Courtesy of CNN

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, testified for seven hours in front of the House Oversight Committee earlier today. After being sentenced to three years in prison for lying to Congress, he voluntarily agreed to testify in front of Congress once again. Here is an overview of his testimony.


Cohen began his opening statement by stating his reason for testifying, “…to offer the American people what I know about President Trump.”


He referred to Trump as a “racist”, “conman”, and a “cheat”, and regretted ever trying to protect Trump. He claimed that Trump had knowledge of the hush payments that were made to Stormy Daniels, among other women. He also claimed that Trump paid him back for these hush payments during his presidency, not before.


However, Cohen would not admit to his knowledge of Trump’s collusion with the Russian government, which he was accused of during the 2016 election, but Cohen said, “Trump’s personality makes him capable of collusion,” according to BBC News.


Though Cohen addressed many problems in his testimony, the Republicans in Congress painted him out to be a liar, attempting to protect Trump from any actions that may be taken against him.


Meanwhile, Trump kept himself far away from this testimony, meeting in Vietnam this morning with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, in an attempt to negotiate an agreement and divert attention away from Cohen’s testimony.