Students in spirit: week of November 12th

Boys Varsity Football fought off the attacks of the Bearcats from Anderson County; they now take on the Colonels of Park Hills this Friday, November 16th. In the boy’s first game against the Covington Catholic Colonels, they were able to hold them into a single possession game, but still ended up losing 21-14. Principle Matthew Bertasso wants their last game to be “the first half,” and this new game Friday to be the “second, and final half.”


Bertasso wants help from every students. Therefore, he initiated a spirit week in support of the football team. Starting this Monday, students were asked to wear pink in order to cheer on the Junior and Senior girls who decide to participate in the Powderpuff match.


For the rest of November’s spirit week, Bertasso asked for the following from students:


  •       Thursday: Throwback Thursday
  •       Friday: BLUE AND WHITE

Bertasso wants this spirit week to flow into this Friday’s game, and to be a lesson of “persistence, intensity and focus.”


As the Birds take on our rivals, the Colonels, Bertasso enforces the idea that, “Rivalries are really important. They bring out the best in us. It helps us grow. It helps us be better.”


He has no doubt this that this Friday the boys may have a challenge, but will persevere.


Yet, this week is still different in Bertasso’s eyes; “Focus will be a little higher, running a little faster, throwing a little more accurate because we really want to be better than our rival.”


This allows room for the creation of new standards; if we can beat Cov Cath, we can beat anyone. He hopes that this will be a learning experience for all, and that this game will enable others to “intensity focus and magnify one’s abilities.”


Birds face off against the Colonels this Friday in Park Hills at 7:00 p.m.; buses will be leaving the school at 5:00 p.m.


Bertasso wants students to line up and follow the buses. For him, let us be “loud and rowdy!”