SBDM toys with changing graduation venue

The graduation venue was a hot topic at the Highlands High School Site Based Decision Making Council (SBDM) on Monday, October 15th. Members of the SBDM Council discussed the move of the graduation venue for well over an hour. Government teacher and senior class sponsor, Kym Grillot, provided several options to the council. The biggest issue is that the options couldn’t accommodate the preferred date of May 26th or the backup date of June 2nd. The options included: 

Location Estimated Cost Pros & Cons
BBT Arena @NKU $8,750 This location is close and convenient with parking.

Can’t accommodate the preferred date or time.

Cintas Center @ Xavier University Minimum $9800 The number of seats is 8-10 but it can’t accommodate preferred dates and expensive.
Music Hall $10,000 A very attractive place for a ceremony but parking is an issue and it wouldn’t be an option for this year but could be a possible option for upcoming years.
HHS PAC $0 Not enough room for each student to get the preferred amount of tickets, but it keeps the tradition going.
HHS Football Field No cost unless a tarp is needed. There will be enough room in the bleachers for each student to get 8 tickets and will keep tradition but there will have to be changes made for handicap people and neighbors might complain about the noise. A major factor could be the forecast and how it changes for the day.

A future meeting regarding the graduation venues will be announced. We will announce it on The Hilltopper.