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Leveling Up With HHS: Engineering Students and Technology Student Association Regionals

All HHS Participants at Regionals for TSA and Engineering.

On February 9, the HHS Engineering Students and Technology Student Association participated in Regionals. These students brought home 11 regional awards from Northern Kentucky within 9 categories. 

Within the Audio Pod Casting category, senior Brayden Taft stated: “When we were recording, I had the most unique story out of the three guys we were working with through the Personal Development route that I took. That brought up some interesting conversations in the podcast. I also worked a lot on the portfolio.” 

The group involved Seniors Eli Back, Bryaden Taft, and Jack Wilson who placed 1st in Regionals. 

Eli Back stated: “Having the three of us together being we’re best friends we talked for like 85 minutes worth of recording and needed to cut that down to like five. It made me realize that podcasts are pretty cool and I’d be extremely open to doing it some more. It was really fun with the ability of us connecting in that way and sending it to a judge is kinda scary, but the feedback from just hearing us talk was very cool”.

The Data Science and Analytics category involved Freshman Eliana Niese who stated: “Jack and I were pretty much partners and so we were both in charge of creating and doing portfolios”. 

Both Jack Wilson and Elaina Niese placed 1st. 

The Digital Video Production group included Sophomore Elli Hills, Senior Luke Lehman, Sophomore Oliver Lozier, and Sophomore Sophie Zahner. Elli Hills stated: “We filmed a couple of scenes and did all the audio editing. It had to be a fantasy-based thing in which we incorporated a monster attacking a bunch of people”. 

While placing 1st in Regionals Elli Hills benefits from this because he stated: “I think it’s a field I want to go into. So if I keep pursuing that and practicing that it will lead into a career path for me”. 

For the PVC Kayaking category, Sophomore Vinny Listerman was the leader of the group and stated: “I was the leader of the group. It was hard because we had multiple people in different classes so we had to communicate well and tell people what we were doing and ideas that we had and changes that we made.” 

Vinny commented on the groups’ benefits and 3rd place win by stating: “It’s a lot of like failure to success type thing where you have to fail to succeed and we ran into a bunch of problems which we had to continually fix them to be within spect”. 

Congratulations to everyone who participated, as well as gave hard work to help their team/group within their category!

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