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Flying for the Nest: Cheer Team Goes to Nationals

Cheer team at the airport, on their way to nationals

Highlands High School’s cheerleading squad is gearing up to go Nationals in Orlando, Florida. All the girls are very excited.  

Junior Lily Clevland said: “I think we’re really excited, our couches helped us a lot to get where we needed to be and we all grew closer as a team. So I feel  really good and I’m definitely more excited, but I am nervous to perform and compete.” After months of rigorous training and dedication, these athletes are ready to showcase their skills on the national stage.

Taking a closer look at how the girls are feeling about going to nationals is what  is important, so when asked if they thought they would make it to nationals, freshman Lindsay Buring said: “The first part of the season was rocky, but recently I had a really good feeling.” 

Under the guidance of their coaches, the team has overcome challenges and has honed their routines to perfection. Their journey to nationals represents more than just a competition; it’s a testament to their teamwork, spirit, and dedication to representing their school with pride.

As they head to Florida, the cheerleaders carry the hopes of their school with them. Regardless of the outcome, they’ve already achieved something remarkable by earning their spot among the nation’s top teams. 

 The journey to nationals is not just about winning trophies—it’s about the bonds they’ve formed and the memories they’ve created along the way.

Senior Audrey Thomas said: “Nationals is something I have been looking forward to for a while.”

Through early-morning practices and late-night rehearsals, they’ve become more than just teammates. 

Clevland said: “It was my goal to get closer with the team and especially the younger girls, and I did accomplish that.” 

Their unwavering support for each other fuels their determination and strengthens their resolve as they face the challenges ahead.

So, stand behind the Highlands High School cheer team as they showcase their talent and determination on the national stage, knowing that they’ve already made their school proud.

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