Pamela Schultz

1.What made you want to run for school board?

I am running for School Board because I care about our schools and community. I am an extremely qualified candidate who looks for the outcomes, not only the inception of new processes. As a graduate of School Board School, and as a Commonwealth Institute of Parent Leadership (CIPL) Fellow, I have put in the time, energy, and effort to understand public schools from behind the scenes. As an engaged parent, and a substitute teacher, I have the knowledge to merge these two viewpoints into a unique perspective that benefits our district. I’ve been adding to my “toolbox” to best serve our students, staff and community as a qualified School Board member and I am ready to serve. 

My top priority would be, and has always been, the students. What are their education experiences? Are we preparing them for a successful future? Are we empowering them to become good people? Are we providing them with the tools to succeed out in “the real world”? While I believe we do many of these well, are we doing the very best we can for our students? 


2. If you were elected, how could you help the district?

Having only one child, we’ve always known we don’t have a “next time”, so we’ve committed ourselves to being involved and engaged. For years, folks have asked me when I was going to run for School Board. I would shrug and say it wasn’t really my thing. This year, I finally asked myself, why ISN’T it my thing? I am committed to our students and ensuring they have opportunities to push themselves and excel. I am committed to the engagement of families and finding opportunities to make it happen. I’m equally committed to our schools and their continued success. Everything I have done in the last nine years has been leading up to this! Whether it be becoming a CIPL Fellow (Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership), graduating from School Board School, or spending countless hours volunteering for FTIS, my focus has been our schools. 


3. What differences could you make to the community?

I feel we sometimes forget why we are all here-the schools. Whether your kiddo graduated in the 1970’s or will be starting Kindergarten in a few years, they are the reason we are in Fort Thomas. This holds true for the families who send their children to private or out of district schools-the community we’ve built is our touchstone.

There needs to be a rational conversation about OUR schools and OUR city. As you know, the School Board election is nonpartisan, but it does not feel that way, does it? It is supposed to be about the kids, the teachers and the schools but seems to have evolved into something else. I believe rerouting our energies back into these fundamentals is a huge challenge right now and one I am anxious to focus on. 

4. Why do you think you should be elected?

Quite simply, I am everything a School Board member should be. It’s hard to toot your own horn, but in this case, I feel comfortable doing it because it’s true. I have the passion, commitment, and experience to be an effective School Board member. I have never wavered in my support of our schools-staff and students. I show up and I do the work. 

 5. What is your vision for education in this community?

My vision is to showcase what our community offers. While in School Board School, I really realized how unique FTIS is when stacked up against other school districts. I was dumbfounded when some speakers discussed how hard it was to get parents to “show up”. I would raise my hand and confess that I could not relate to this because we have folks who show up-every day. Parents, staff, and community members “show up” and while we may not always see it, that is a unique strength. I will always continue to show up for our schools.

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