Lisa Duckworth


  1.     What made you want to run for school for school board?

Being an experienced FTIS School Board member, I want to continue the work we have established for the district. Students, teachers and our administration are always working hard to achieve educational excellence. This year we are proud to announce the Kentucky Department of Education released data stating FTIS are rated the highest K-12 in the state. We also have the highest composite ACT score of 23.1 in the state. I am proud to be part of the leadership team leading our accomplishments.


  1.     If you were elected, how could you help the district?

During my tenure, I have always made decisions in the best interest of our students. Their education is what matters. That is our job. I have supported administration with whatever tools they need to give our students the best educational experience while, also, being a good steward with the community’s financial support.


  1.     What difference could you make to the community?

FTIS and the City of Ft. Thomas work closely together.  The Board of Education meets with the City Council to learn each other’s goals and what projects we can work on together. The city administration has given FTIS in kind services of our SRO, Zach Rolfer. Over the years, the city has helped us make improvements to our sports facilities. Winkler Field, Highland Park, Tower Park tennis courts, to name a few, have been improved by the city. These improvements have also benefited our citizens who use these facilities.


  1.     Why do you think you should be elected?

My experience is why I should be re-elected. I have served on Moyer and HHS PTO Boards and served on Moyer, HMS, HHS SBDM councils.  Experience on those governance boards has helped me understand how a school board works. I have made curriculum decisions, hired two principals and three superintendents. During my tenure, the Board went through the process of getting Moyer renovated and an addition added, the Field House built, and a new Johnson Elementary. I know all that is involved in running a school district.  I have worked hard for the district, and I would be honored to continue our work.


  1.     What is your vision for education in this community?     

Our community has high expectations for educating our students. Our top priority is to educate all students for whatever life path they choose. Post-secondary education has changed over the last decade. Most students went to four year college. Now students choose trade schools and the military as well. I would like to see more students take advantage of internships in fields they have an interest in, giving students exposure to different occupations. Also, our Family and Consumer Science, Film & Broadcasting, Engineering and Business classes give our students real world experience learning. I am passionate about giving our students classes and options to help them make decisions about their future. This is our purpose in educating students, so they become productive citizens in our community.

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