Clem Fennell

1.What made you want to run for school board?

This community and school system are so important to me. I grew up witnessing my family give back and take part in various leadership roles within the schools and city; I want to do the same. With 3 children at Moyer Elementary decisions regarding our school system are very significant to me and my family. I’ve experienced so much good that the Fort Thomas School system has to offer and want to play a part in the decision making of the schools to take us to even greater heights.  


2. If you were elected, how could you help the district?

I feel that I have some natural leadership skills, a calm demeanor, and an ability to work with different people to accomplish common goals. In attending various school board meetings over the past couple of years I saw some divide that isn’t common in our community. I believe that I could help navigate difficult issues with a wide variety of opinions from parents, students, and faculty to move us forward in a positive way. 

 3. What differences could you make to the community?

We are unique, our city is more tied to our schools than maybe any other in the U.S. I would make sound financial decisions to ensure spending and budgeting are kept in check. I also would help to navigate the strong feelings that so many involved parents have to bring us together and rally around our schools and one another. 


4. Why do you think you should be elected?

I believe that I have qualities, experience and a perspective that would be very valuable to the board.  As a parent with children active in the school district I can bring transparency to help improve the relationship between parents, teachers and district leadership. Additionally, I own and operate my own business and am confident in handling large financial and business related decisions that is needed on our school board.  


5. What is your vision for education in this community?

To have the top teachers providing fundamental curriculum to all students while also being innovative and on the forefront of educating our kids to prepare them for life outside of Fort Thomas and allowing them to reach their full individual potential.  I would like to see us find the right mix of carrying on the strong traditions that have been established and made Fort Thomas Schools the highly respected district that it is while also always moving forward. 

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