Michelle Snodgrass

Michelle Snodgrass

Why am I running? Because this is my home. I was raised in this community and by this community. When I began as a prosecutor in Campbell County 18 years ago, I felt a responsibility to protect the community that had always protected me. As your Commonwealth Attorney, I have established an office that true criminals fear, one that puts the safety of our community first, and one where victims can come to seek justice. The felony cases that come before me are the most serious crimes in Kentucky, so we work to ensure that these crimes are punished with an equally serious penalty. My office secured the first jury verdict in Kentucky finding an individual guilty of the new crime of Importing Heroin (bringing heroin from Ohio to sell in Campbell County). My reputation for being tough on drug traffickers is no secret in criminal circles, as countless defendants have remarked that they “shouldn’t have crossed the river.” I have the support of law enforcement and I am honored to be the only candidate for Commonwealth Attorney to have received the endorsement of the Campbell County FOP Lodge 10.

As the voice of crime victims in the courtroom, I have learned that one is never truly the same after being a victim of crime. I cannot give them their old life back, but I can give them one thing: justice. When a criminal victimizes one of us, it is personal for me. If we cannot feel safe, we certainly cannot feel free, and that is why I have made victim crimes a primary focus in my office. In recent months, my office has obtained life sentences for both a serial burglar and a murderer after hard-fought jury trials. The sad reality is that many of our victims are children, violated or harmed by those entrusted to protect them, and it is my responsibility to see that no one fails them any further. If you are ever the victim of a crime, I guarantee that you will want the most experienced prosecutor on your side.

So why am I running? Because I am a prosecutor. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow to a Campbell County that is less safe, where our streets are infested with drug dealers. Simply put, there’s too much at stake. Being Commonwealth Attorney is not something you can learn overnight and with what we’re facing as a community, experience has never mattered more. Crime is not going away. I have fought it in this county for the last 18 years, and I’m asking for your vote so that I can continue this fight.

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