Favorite movie series

Alex Hume

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The Hunger Games trilogy is about a poor girl named Katniss Everdeen whose country forces children to kill each other in order to remind them of a rebellion, but Katniss unintentionally begins a second rebellion on her own.
The Harry Potter Series is about a boy named Harry who destroyed Voldemort, his mortal enemy, in order to avenge his parents’ deaths.
Lord of the Rings is a quest for the Hobbit Frodo to destroy an evil ring that consumes the holder with power and greed for it. Foes becoming allies and allies turning on friends, the quest begins and the hero Aragorn discovers his true destiny.
When Highlands was asked about their favorite big movie series, The Hunger Games just barely won out over a second-place Harry Potter, with Lord of the Rings coming in third.
“I choose the Hunger Games because I didn’t read any of the other books” – freshman Isabelle Ison.
“Harry Potter because it’s a classic.” – senior Kelsey Etherton

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Favorite movie series