We The People and Mock Trial

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School spirit is a prominent factor at Highlands High School, however, most of the time it is targeted towards the sports teams. There are two other teams at Highlands that don’t usually get as much publicity even though they show lots of hard work and dedication. Two unexpected teams, Mock Trial and We the People have both worked hard this year, and it has paid off because they both have had the experience of going to state.


Highlands offers a variety of clubs that gives every student a chance to experience new things and try new activities. One club allows students to see how things work in the public courtroom, and helps students gain quicker thinking, become better actors, and public speaking. Students have to use case materials to try and create a fake trial where they will act both the roles of the attorney and the witnesses to try and win the trial. After practicing and reviewing witness examinations and other important information, the team will compete against other schools. This club is called the Mock Trial team, and this year, they went to state for the first time since 2008. The team meets around two times per week, and usually goes to a Starbucks to work on their case materials. Team member, Erin Gray, a junior, has been a member since her freshman year. She joined the team to learn more about the law process and along the way, found a career she would love to pursue. Another team member, Peyton Epperson, senior, has been a part of this team for two years. He says, “I was so happy to have been able to attend state with the team and I am extremely proud of each and every one of the tournaments on their performances.”  Epperson is not attending Nationals with the team but he says, “I am so proud of them for their exceptional skill and will be supporting them to the end from here in Fort Thomas.”


One team of hardworking seniors has taken their knowledge of the constitution to the next level. We the People is a government class here at Highlands. They focus mostly on learning, following, and debating about the constitution. Nico Thom, senior, said, “We The People is a largely self-directed, research heavy class which requires students to examine the US Constitution and its fundamental democratic elements in depth, the intentions of its Framers, the philosophies and Common Law which influenced them, and the development of US government and law through history, supreme court cases, and current events. It also contains elements of comparative constitutionalism as we examine how the US Constitution relates to foreign governments.” They also have competitions against other schools where they are challenged with a question regarding the constitution and have to produce a statement in a short period of time. This year they were lucky enough to qualify for state, and they were all excited to see their hard work pay off. We the people is a wonderful opportunity for all students at Highlands. Thom said, “Without a doubt, regardless of what civics, government, or history classes you may have taken prior to WTP, you will learn more about how government actually functions, why it operates in the manner it does, and the role citizens play in it than ever before.” Students in We The People have been through a lot of stress and have had to work very hard over the past year. They can’t wait to show off their accomplishments at DC this year at Finals. Everyone at Highlands should show some school spirit and support them on their journey to Washington DC.


This year, both the Mock Trial Team and the We the People class got the exciting opportunity to go to state, where they competed for the honor of bringing home a trophy to display in the case for all students and teachers to see. All students, whether they be freshmen, sophomores, juniors or seniors, wish them luck at nationals!

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We The People and Mock Trial