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Highlands is known for wining 1st place awards regularly in athletics and mock trial, but our STLP team made a name for itself at this year’s state competition. The Student Technology Leadership Program or STLP is a competition where students from different schools compete in different categories. Creating and building projects with todays’ technology to make solutions to the problem at hand. Student products, projects, and services are showcased through local, regional, and state events. Highlands had Junior; Mason Bibb compete in making a video of any length about High School Basketball in the state, Mason and fellow students chose to do the revival of women’s basketball in high school within the state. Mason stated, “The video involved a decent bit of research so it was a bit stressful. The topic was relevant and fun to work with though. We came into the project after they had extended the deadline so we were under a bit of a time constraint, though I think that added to the fun.” Their video seemed to be on a tight timeline of finishing, but like all bluebirds they finish and never give up. Mason felt that State STLP was hectic, “There was a bunch of people all running around trying to finish other, non related, projects and pieces. I was invited, along with the other three finalists, were invited to a luncheon with the competition organizers and their sponsors. We were interviewed there about our school and work before eventually going to the award ceremony. They brought us up on stage where the organizer gave a speech and a plaque before announcing the winner of the competition. It was hectic and I was beyond nervous on the stage.” State in any competition will always be hectic and out of control. This year’s STLP State Competition, Mason and other students who include Senior; Trey Bowden won 1st place in the “A Basketball Story” competition and 1st place in the Newscast service competition. Mason stated that they will be competing next year with a new prompt about high school that no longer are around, but still impacted the basketball community. They also will be competing in a number of different competitions like PSAs’, documentaries, and storytelling competitions. Other Highlands students competed in STLP, those being Ben Stratton and Samantha Lohner representing our Broadcasting Program. Making a video about Highlands Broadcasting and how the students think of the program. Ben stated, “Making the video took a lot of time and effort. We individually sat down with some of our best students to see what they had to say about the program. We asked them questions about why they like the class and what had made it so special to them? This helped us develop a piece to highlight the strengths in our program.” The effort and time that is put into making a video for STLP seems to be worth the appreciation you gain from competing. For Ben, he felt that the STLP State competition was more about showing that Highlands Broadcasting is capable of bringing their strengths to STLP when they put in the time and effort to compete. Ben stated, “We know that we have a state of the art studio and advanced equipment. But what is the point without putting it to good use and showing others? This is where I believe we first begin highlighting our program and continue to provide a unique for all of our broadcasting students.” The State competition that Ben and Sam experienced was described by Ben as “nerve-racking at first.” He stated that they didn’t really know what to expect, and how the judges would ask questions and score them only on how their presentation was, Ben said, “It was more than worth it.” He felt that it was a great experience for what they have accomplished for Highlands Broadcasting and for our school itself. Ben said that, “If we are given the opportunity, I would be the first to volunteer to represent Highlands Broadcasting at STLP next year.” He is confident about Highlands Broadcasting Program and how no matter what, it only takes one chance to make a memory in a competition, and make a moment last forever. Their video was sort of a PSA about Highlands News Program. Ben said, “We interviewed some of our top students in the class to get their thoughts on what makes our program stand out from the others. We highlighted the multitude of opportunities the class offers, as well as the idea of a student-led class – which is exactly what we are.” To show how each student thinks and feels about Highlands Broadcasting that experience it first-hand gives something different than other classrooms. Highlighting the chances Highlands Broadcasting give students within the classroom. During this year’s STLP State competition, the Highlands Broadcasting Program won 1st place in Newscast category. Highlands participation in this year’s STLP State competition and being awarded 1st place in two different categories shows how with hard work, and dedication students have, which brings forth something to look forward to, and the hope they bring back 1st place next year at the state STLP competition.

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