Spring Break

John Whitlatch

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With spring break, just around the corner, students are getting more and more excited as the days fly by. Students are thinking about what they are going to do while they are on their break. Whether it be going on a vacation or just staying home to relax from school and responsibilities. The journalism staff wants to know the students are doing over the break. The staff had a survey opened to the students and there were 277 students that responded.


Of course, people are going to go out on a vacation over the break. The popular place that students from all grades and are going is Siesta Key, Florida. The reason as to why this is a popular vote is because Siesta Key has a few beaches that you can go to. Florida isn’t the only place where students are going over the break. Some of the other states that students are going to include, New York, California, Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina. Jack Hoffpauir, sophomore, said, “I’m going to Las Vegas to bet on the final four games and drive to Death Valley.” Some students are taking their vacation out of the country over their break. Students are going all across the globe in countries such as, Mexico, England, France, Egypt and Jamaica.


Not all of the students are going out of Fort Thomas though. These students get to stay at home to relax from school. Some of the students are going to catch up on their sleep, watch television and movies, and hanging out with family and friends. Aidan Shannon, sophomore, said, “I think I will be staying home for the most part. I might be going to see the birds play at Great American Ball Park.” Although some students are taking time to relax other students are using the break as an opportunity to catch up and work on towards the future. Some of the few things students are, volunteering, working at their job, studying and preparing, and getting caught up with school homework.


Whether if the students are going on a vacation or just staying at home over the break everyone can all agree that students are glad that we have a break. This break will give students time to think and help them get back on the path that they need to continue on.

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Spring Break