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Spring is on the horizon and with that, so too is Highlands High School’s spring musical. This year, the theatre department is putting on a production of Stephen Schwartz’s ‘Godspell’. The show follows a few disciples of Jesus, however, the show is not explicitly about Jesus Christ but the show has a focus more on the concept of community. To further enforce the idea and feelings of community director Jason Burgess has decided to set the show in a coffee shop, following friends, family and others and their connections with each other and Jesus.


Helping the community has been a big objective for the Godspell cast and crew, they have helped several places in the area. One amazing activity the Godspell team is working is at Dayton Elementary, Middle school and, High School to do a free drama camp to introduce and teach theatre to those who are not completely exposed to it. The Team is also working on working with the American Heart Association in a volunteer program to take care of and participate in activities. But, by far the Godspell Cast and Crew’s biggest act of help toward the community is their Saturday Matinee. In addition to putting on a performance on Saturday night, they are also preforming a private show for those who are less fortunate free of charge. In addition, the Cast and Crew is also providing a meal for those in attendance and the Cast and Crew will have the opportunity to interact with them by sitting down and talking with them while they eat their meals. The matinee attendance is expected to be 100-150 people.


Opening night of the performance is March 23rd, the show runs through that weekend (Thursday, Friday and, Saturday shows all start at 7:30) and ends on the 26th at 2:00. Tickets for students are $8 for students and $10 for adults.

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