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Just about everyone has heard about the devastating Senioritis, which has taken over all seniors…but what about the juniors? As the year starts to draw to a close, students take into account of what will happen during the summer, after they are freed from the confines of school walls. Juniors have realized that as the year ends, they only have to get through senior year until they can move on to their futures. The ultimate question is: does senioritis start before senior year? As a junior, I can certainly state that I am in the adolescent stages of the dreadful disease.
Senioritis can basically be described as the feeling of wanting to get out of school; as each day ticks away, it’s just another day closer to freedom. This freedom can lead to a multitude of things, whether it’s a frightening experience to those who haven’t a clue what they will do after high school, or an exciting experience due to the vast possibilities.
“Junioritis” is not an actual term, just a word that can be best described as pre-senioritis. To juniors, it means trying to get through the rest of the year with passing grades, and then think about how they STILL have a year of high school to finish. Junioritis is a hard thing to get through, and I’m not able to understand how the seniors have kept their sanity as you know that your high school career is drawing to an end, especially with all of the snow days that Fort Thomas Independent Schools have to make up in June.
Junioritis has many symptoms, some similar to the dreaded senioritis, such as gradually slipping grades and not being attentive. As one of the “infected,” I have experienced these symptoms firsthand with plenty of day-dreaming about anything but school during school hours and not being able to keep on top of dates or school work. This disease cannot be cured with over the counter drugs. It’s a matter of perseverance and having the courage to tell yourself to pay attention before you get stage 2… senioritis. And nobody wants that.
Senioritis and junioritis can be found in just about every high school, where students long for the high school experience to be over with. As a junior with the juvenile symptoms of senioritis, I can already tell that my senior year will be a tough year.

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