Behind the scenes: The camera life

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     Everyone knows the broadcasting class. We see their faces everyday on the daily announcements and on the monthly news broadcasts, but there’s a lot more to their jobs than sitting behind or in front of a camera.
   “Every day, we have to put the announcements into the teleprompter,” said junior Allison Nienaber of one of the many jobs in broadcasting. “We also have to set up the lights [and cameras] every day.”
    Someone in broadcasting has to be an organized multi-tasker in order to juggle several jobs at a time.
  “The main roles in the announcements are the two anchors, teleprompter, audio and the switcher,” continues Nienaber. It is no easy task to manage all of these things every day and to do it accurately and efficiently. Every job has a significant impact. Nienaber confirms, “It takes everyone to put the broadcast together.”
  “The other big thing that is run entirely by the broadcasting department is the Friday night football games,” said
junior Olivia Ulmer on other responsibilities of the crew. “We film the game and do the graphics and the halftime show.”
  “[McKenzie and Michael] have the most experience in the class and are both anchors for the news show,” said senior Kyle Thurston. Like Jac Collinsworth and Camri Nelson last year, seniors Michael Ayers and McKenzie Goyert have assumed leadership for the class, and they have really made an impact on how much new students enjoy the class.
  “Broadcasting to me is really fun,” says first-year broadcasting student Jordan Johnson. “In my first year in this class, I am learning how to work behind the camera, and all the tech stuff in the control room for the live broad- cast.”
   The broadcasting team comes off to the general student population as operating flawlessly. However, these near-perfect presentations would not be possible without all the work behind the scenes.
   Senior Kristin Venneman, the HHS girls soccer team’s unsung hero, looks forward to post-season play because she feels the girls have a good shot at state this year.
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Behind the scenes: The camera life