Seniors Become 3x PowderPuff Champions


Sydney Cooper

The seniors stand behind their sign before the game starts.

Last night, the juniors and seniors faced off in the annual PowderPuff game. While the seniors managed to win 22-20, the game was close, with the juniors fighting until the last second.


The seniors started out strong, scoring their first touchdown during the first five minutes, and going on to score one more before the half ended. The juniors came back in the second half however, managing to tie the score 14-14 and pushing the game into overtime. While the juniors started off winning during the extra time, the seniors managed to score another touchdown and a 2-point conversion, making  them three time champions.


But behind the win and loss is teamwork and practice. Each team has been practicing for at least four weeks, and the girls were coached by football players who taught them different plays and positions.


Senior Zoie Barth recalls how it felt to finally play after weeks of practicing.


“I think our whole team did a great job! It was fun to watch everyone get in a play while also having a good time,” Barth explained.


What originally began seven years ago as a fundraiser to help raise money for the school, eventually turned into an event that is eagerly anticipated by the both the students and community alike.


Mrs. Kym Grillot, United States history teacher and director of the game, described why people may like it so much.


“It is always an exciting game! Anything can happen,” stated Grillot.


Overall, while the game pits the two classes against each other, it provides an opportunity for the girls to come together, which normally is  not available.


Barth emphasizes this point saying, “There are few activities that involve your class as a whole, so it’s super fun to be apart of something involving different people than you interact with everyday.”