Bomb Scare of HHS

Max Whitlatch, Site Editor

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In the early month of January, a bomb threat was made towards Highlands High School. Luckily, no one was hurt and the school is still in pristine condition, but something about the threat still lingers on, even though it was a hoax, and it reflects what kind of a world we are living in.
We live in an age where school shootings and other threats is a common occurrence; this is a common knowledge amongst or generation: school shootings are bad, but I’m only going to “care” for a certain amount of time and then go back to my everyday life. There’s a reason for these school shootings and threats to become “successful…” it’s because no one truly cares until it’s too late. If people really wanted these school shootings to die off and not to become a common occurrence, people need to stop glorifying these horrendous events and take action.
But why do people act out in the first place? Could it be from something you have done/said? Is it the constant harassing you bring upon them when they have not wronged you? I say the word you as in everyone – everyone is guilty of this “crime” in some extent, don’t deny it. Now, this piece seems very hypocritical in a way, I know, but people don’t get the message that these events should not be glorified, and it may even seem repetitive from what parents/teachers tell you the day after these events, but it’s true. If you care and you don’t want these threats to be a common occurrence at HHS, take action in being a person with morals and stop harassing one another. Everyone does it and then later “admit” to their gods or schools that they are free from this direct and harmful action. The question remains, though: Fort Thomas is a perfect place in which discrimination is nothing new, so could this bomb threat be the beginning of a horrible age?
At this point, no one knows who made the bomb threat, but the event under investigation by authorities. A bomb threat is taken very seriously, since it could take out the school and the students inside it in under a few seconds, and whoever made this bomb threat is going to get some serious court action. Now whoever threatened the school with a bomb ended up empty handed…why? Because these people want to create fear and publicity for themselves, whether or not people know who they are. Now this hoax could have been numerous of things: it could have been from a rival school, it could have been a person who did not want to take an Algebra test, or it could be a quiz for the person who plans to actually act out next time in the “final exam.”
Everyone needs to unite and no longer fight against one another in infamous “rivalries” such as the jocks vs. geeks. These threatening people are out to cause fear, and regardless if it came from within school rivalries, people need to change their harassment for good, not temporarily after a scary event, but for their own morality and for others’ self-esteem. (This final part sounds very hippy-ish, but stay with me) If people were to act moral and unite instead of fighting, the world would truly be a better place for all generations to come.

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Bomb Scare of HHS