Girls’ coaches supporting soccer stars

Sydney Fessler, Staff

As the time ran out on the clock, the Highlands varsity girls’ soccer team weaved through the defending team attempting to make a shot in the goal. When the clock struck zero, the 27 girls ran to their coaches as they had just locked in the win to advance them to state.

One of the biggest reasons the girls made it to state was the support they received from their coaches.

Senior Lauren Deckert, Senior Hannah Hartman, Sophomore Kenzie Nehus, Junior Maggie Hinegardner, Junior Abby Stein and Senior Lindsey Meyer celebrate after a goal.

“The energy is always high from them. It gets us fired up and ready to play,” freshman Megan Gessner stated.

The girls’ soccer team stands at a record of 23-4, the best it has been in a while.

Sophomore Greta Noble added, “Our coaches really help us to know where to be on the field and how to move in the most effective way. They see the game from a different angle so they give us advice that we wouldn’t otherwise think of.”

In soccer, sometimes the most beneficial thing to the game is having people support you through it all.

“Having the support of my coaches really boosts my confidence with the ball at my feet which is really one of the most important qualities to have because being timid or not confident on the field completely kills the flow of the game,” Noble said.

The coaches motivating the players also helps the team radiate a positive and calm attitude when going on the field.

Gessner added, “I know that the coaches support me no matter what, therefore I know not to be scared to mess up. I play better when I’m not scared and when I’m calm. Even if I do mess up, the coaches won’t put me down.”

If you don’t have a support system, most things in life won’t be an easy or efficient task.

“I believe if we didn’t have our coaches, although the team could probably still work well together, we wouldn’t be as composed or have as much direction in our play. They keep us with the right mindset and keep us calm on the field,” Noble explained.

Sometimes, all you need is a support system to pull you through the tide. For the HHS girls’ soccer team, their support system was their coaches motivating them and advancing them to the most important game of the season.