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My COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card that includes information about my specific vaccine.

Combatting the Pandemic: My experience receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

Haley Luersen, Staff February 25, 2021

     On January 23, 2021, I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. I work at an assisted living facility, which means I am surrounded by individuals who are at increased risk for severe...

On February 16th, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada, President Biden and other democratic candidates appeared at the “Infrastructure Moving American Forward Forum.

What Biden plans to do on his first 100 Days as President

Chelsie Cooley, Staff January 26, 2021

     President Biden has already begun making important changes, even though he has just been inaugurated. Many of the bills that he is removing and putting into place are laws that former President...

Ty Boler

OPINION: Should we go back to NTI?

Ty Boler, Staff January 25, 2021

     It's the second to last week of November. Sitting in gym class waiting to leave, my teacher suddenly breaks the news that we have to go back to non-traditional instruction (NTI) after only eight...

This graphic shows the risk factors that are involved in areas with high poverty rates.

OPINION: Who I think should receive the COVID-19 vaccine first

Chelsie Cooley, Staff January 17, 2021

     There are a set of variables when it comes to deciding the fate of billions of human beings. So, it is understandable that there are a lot of feelings and opinions attached to how the vaccine is...

Freshman Mikalah Morgan

Acceptance: My time at Highlands High School

Mikalah Morgan, Staff December 16, 2020

     Acceptance is something that everyone craves, something everyone deserves. In my short time at Highlands High School, I have been shown the true meaning of acceptance.      When my family...

November 27th, looking out of my window into the sunny morning that has just begun.

Resilience during an Unprecedented Time: What NTI looks like through my eyes

Chelsie Cooley, Staff December 8, 2020

     I open my eyes to the sound of my fan, blowing softly in an almost humming tune. Stretching, I sit up and pick up my phone along with my glasses. I slide the frames of my glasses on my face and...

Background image courtesy of Webster Rogers Financial Advisors.

What Thanksgiving means to me

Natalie Shearman, Staff November 25, 2020

     For my entire life, I have spent Thanksgiving with my mom, dad, older brother, and other members of my family. I forget when this happened at first, but for quite a few years, I have helped make...

This report card ranks the National Football League (NFL) teams into five categories.

NFL Report Card

Liam Downie, Staff November 24, 2020

Literature is Julianna Russ' passion but she challenges others to follow theirs.

The Anatomy of Passion

Julianna Russ, Staff November 9, 2020

     Passion is a word often thrown around, but not usually discussed in depth.       I always suspected I would love reading literature, but for the longest time, my head got in the way.  ...

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