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Voices in the Hall: Non-Traditional Instruction Days

Sam Hauck, Libby Spiess, Megan Benzing, and Tamra Armstrong

March 13, 2020

      Junior Sydney Schenk “It was pretty frustrating because we worked really hard on our star events and we practiced a lot. But I guess it’s okay since we’re not going to get sick and it’s for our health.”               &nbs...

Q&A Recap about the Non-Traditional Instruction Days

Principal Matthew Bertasso and Senior Nick Fischer address the students during a live broadcast.

Tessa Killen, Head Graphic Design Editor

March 13, 2020

This week has been filled with questions and cultural changes within Highlands High School. To help ease students’ concerns, Principal Matthew Bertasso went on a live broadcast on March 13th during the focus period to answer pressing questions live.  If you missed the Q&A, here is a quick reca...

Sophomore Day Recap

Sophomores Lucy Willis, Grace Grau, and Madaline Hornsby pose for a picture.

Libby Spiess, Staff

March 13, 2020

Boys Varsity basketball team loses devastating game to Covington Catholic High School

Junior Luke Muller scores in a lay-up.

Tamra Armstrong, Staff

March 12, 2020

The Highlands Boys Varsity Basketball team lost Tuesday night in a very close game to Covington Catholic High School (Cov Cath). The score, 59 to 54, marked the Birds' loss in the regional finals, but the boys put up a fight until the end. This season, the Birds came further than they have in 19 years.  ...

Message From Principal Matthew Bertasso

Message From Principal Matthew Bertasso

March 11, 2020

"Dear Students and Families, As you read the news and hear about the many different schools and univeristies that are closing or changing instruction, you are probably wondering, "what is going on at Highland?" As of this moment we are not closed and have no pending cases. As is this case with illness,...

Varsity basketball team wins regionals against Dixie High School

Junior Sam Vinson jumps to make a basket.

Tamra Armstrong, Staff

March 9, 2020

This past Saturday, March 7th, there was a Varsity boys basketball game at Northern Kentucky University (NKU). Facing Dixie High School, the Birds defeated the Colonels 72 to 58, allowing the boys to advance to the ninth region semi-finals.    This was an intense game for the Birds, espe...

ACT Preparations: What can you do to improve your score?

ACT Preparations: What can you do to improve your score?

Tessa Killen, Head Graphic Design Editor

March 5, 2020

With the ACT right around the corner for juniors and some sophomores, testing preparations have been a hot topic in many core classes. For some students, this is the first attempt at the official ACT. For others, this is their second, third, fourth, or possibly fifth attempt. Wherever you stand, here...

Highlands High School manages student badges for the first time

A student's identification badge.

Lexie Crawford and Tessa Killen

January 30, 2020

After returning from winter break, all Highlands High School students were given an identification badge, with the main purpose being to grant access to school doors during the day and for after school activities. Now, after having these badges for a few weeks, students and staff alike have had time t...

Birds win nail-biting game against NCC

The O-Zone and players on the sideline celebrate following a dunk by Junior Sam Vinson.

Tamra Armstrong and Lexie Crawford

January 29, 2020

     Last night was a huge nail-biter for the Birds, as they fought for their 81 to 77 win against Newport Central Catholic (NCC), one of Highland’s biggest district rivals. The theme for the game was “White Out,” and students were given the opportunity to buy a t-shirt to support Senior Jac...

Voices in the Hall – Reactions to the passing of Kobe Bryant

Voices in the Hall – Reactions to the passing of Kobe Bryant

Tamra Armstrong and Libby Spiess

January 27, 2020

Junior Mac Russell "I was heartbroken. Kobe Bryant was one of my favorite basketball players. The world is cruel."     Sophomore Faith Broering "It was really upsetting because it was someone I really looked up tom and a lot of people looked up to him. He had a lot of rea...

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